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Home visits

My elderly mother has been having home visits for her feet to be treated regularly over the past 18 months by this clinic, they are reliable and professional . I would recommend them wholeheartedly.


First Class; truly knowledgeable and empathetic

Several long term issues were addressed expertly so that after 18 years of intermittent agony I am now pain free.


Very good and professional podiatrist

Came here as I had stubborn verruca and fungal nail infection, verruca all gone and nail infection treatment going very well. I have now more confidence wearing sandals!!



Amazing service

I can’t thank the chiropodist enough for sorting my feet out. I rang late on Friday night and was offered an appt the next day (Saturday) i was in so much pain I couldn’t walk because of a corn. I was treated and relieved of my pain in 30 minutes and diagnosed with some other foot needs. This guy knows his stuff! I can’t recommend enough!!


Happy Feet!

I’ve have been to a chiropodist in the past but the level of care I have received here is just exceptional.

Not only have I had the best care but also I have been given tips on minimising problems in the future.

I would definitely recommend this clinic for happy feet!



I’ve had to have my feet seen to for years, but now at last I’ve found somebody who really made me feel he will look after my problems long term, as long as it takes to make my feet get better! Also very sensible advice for self-care, which I feel motivated to follow. Thank you!



thanks again

this man knows his stuff …………….thanks again


Very helpful

A kind man and great chiropodist! He saved my toenails and I am very grateful.