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Understand the difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist

Chiropodists and podiatrists deal with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the lower limb and are qualified to treat people with arthritis, diabetes, sport injuries, musculosketletal anomalies such as flat foot, high insteps, bunions and many more. Also, podiatrists can help you solve gait problems, and do minor operations such as nail surgery. They work with people of all ages but play a particularly important role in helping older people to stay mobile and, therefore, independent. In the UK there is no difference between the terms chiropodist and podiatrist. In many other English-speaking countries, however, only the term ‘podiatrist’ is employed and this refers to the fully-trained professional.

We’re a specialist in lower limb and feet; we offer chiropody and podiatry services in the most efficient way.

We are based in North West, North London and Central London.


Lower Limb and Foot Specialist

To answer your concerns in lower limb and foot, Chiropody Clinic brings you the best specialists in Podiatric Medicine. All our podiatrists are university graduates, hold Bsc Honours and Msc in Podiatric Medicine, and registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) and a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

At Chiropody Clinic, we aim to get to the root of the problem through our reliable methods ensuring an improved quality of life. We pride ourselves in offering a high standard, ethical, compassionate care, and professional attention to our customers. Our podiatrists are highly experienced practitioners help patients with injury and surgical recovery, pain relief and altered movement dysfunctions. At Chiropody Clinic we treat all patients with lower limb and foot problems, no matter their gender or age, providing a solution to their ailments. We are on our feet all the time, we need to go places. Don’t let foot problems stop you from having the life you want. We believe every individual has a right to efficient health care from a holistic approach.

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